Jed Pettey

How many times have you heard "Let me tell about a story about a man 
named Jed". I was sitting at my desk, wondering if my name has been 
picked as an url.  Sure enough, I found  Originally named, 
Jedidiah Johnson Pettey, it was changed because my grandmother could 
not pronounce Jedidiah.  Like the founder, my parents went to James 

One Jed story I have is when I meet someone, I introduce myself as 
"Jed Pettey."  Then they say, "It's nice to meet you, Jeff."  It 
happens all the time.  Either they are not listening or I can't 
believe I have the name "Jed".  Furthermore, I have an identical twin 
brother named Jeff.

Born in LA (Hollywood/Burbank), raised in San Marino, live in Scripps 
Ranch near San Diego.  I own a marketing, design, printing, web 
development company called and a ranch southwest of 
Austin.  Wife of 14 years, three kids, a dog and three cats. Active 
in tennis, golf, softball, kids sports, waterskiing, Cabo fishing and 
drinking with my buddies.

Anyway Jed, I think this Jed site is too cool and I wish I thought of it.


Jed Pettey