Jed Ranzenberger


I am also an original Jed.  I am from Houston, no not Texas, but Minnesota.
After reading a few of the bios, I figured that I do have something unique
to offer:  I was actually named after Jed Clampett of the Beverly
Hillbillies.  It was my "pa's" favorite show.  So when people first meet me
and start to sing 'There once was a story...", I promptly inform them that I
was named after him and they always are either intrigued or shut-up.

I have too many nicknames, including: Jedi Knight, Judy, Jedster, Jedward,
Jeddy, and the most common, Jedwick.

Say it loud, say it proud.  Jed Jed Jed.

Jed Ranzenberger