Jed Redeker


There seems to be a common thread to the stories told here.  I
could repeat it, but I won't.

Unlike many, my parents (mother, at least) had a "good" reason
 for naming me Jed.  Her name is Linda, and she said that she hated
 having a name common among her peers, so she found a name that had a
 meaning she liked (beloved of the Lord).  

I immediately saw a flaw in her reasoning.  I pointed out that the names Jennifer, 
Lisa, Rachel, Rebecca, and Kirk (my siblings) were hardly unusual, to which she
replied that she had such a struggle with my father regarding my
name, she gave up
I am a junior at the University of Oklahoma (Go Sooners!,),
and a corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves.  I intend to earn a
commission upon graduation and make a career in the Marines.

Thanks for putting the time into  I first found it
about a year and a half ago, but forgot about it until recently.  It
has grown quite a bit.  

sic semper Jeds!

Jed A. Redeker