I stumbled across your web site completely by accident, and I am a jed. jed richardson. Maybe it was meant to be!
I have been a Jed for 6 years, but I started life as a JEDDIE.
My real name is Jessica, but I was christened Jed by a group of  insane friends who have to nickname people!
Everyone I know calls me Jed, and a lot of my friends don't even  know  my real name!

I'm 18 years old from Noosa in Queensland Australia,  I am adopted, I am 1/16 maori (native new zealander) and I am considered WEIRD by all my friends. I like all sorts of music, except classical and country and western so I guess I can't really say  I like all sorts! I was born in the Royal brisbane Children's Hospital in 1982, was a 
chronic asthmatic as an infant, but grew out of my asthma when I moved out of  the city.
I have lived in Noosa since I was three years old.

I'm an un established artist who also writes poetry!  I can send you some if  you so desire, but alas at the moment I do not have a picture, but I will try to get one!  I work at PIZZA HUT, which is always fun (ha ha ha), I have a younger 
brother and a younger sister, 2 cats and 2 cordless mice! (tail less) I finished school last year and had to have a year off because I didn't know what I wanted to do this year, but at this point I'll have to say that I'm interested in becoming a make-up artist. 

 The funniest story I have about my name, was that my friends went  to  buy me a cake with my name written on it, they asked to get it decorated, and queried as to what decorations the bakery had.
"Oh we have cars, motorbikes, helicopters-"  "what about flowers?" my friend interrupted. "that's a bit weird don't you think?" My friend hastily replied  "Jed's a girl!" The attendant went bright red.

I am commonly known as Jed 1, because there is a Jed 2, another friend of mine called Jessica instantly scored the nickname. We have many variations, Jedliwink, Jeddo, Jedi, Jedapillar, Jedito,Jeddicums, Jedly, Jedis and more!


jed richardson