jed richardson
Jed Richardson
Hello my name is Maurice Jed Richardson, I am 17 years old I live in Houston,Texas and Im half black and half mexican which makes me (blacican), my name jed is not a made up name that is my actual name that was given to my by my father which was short for Jedadiah which he found in the bible which means "A Gift From God".
I found this site one day when i was bored like crazy and i was jus typing some names then putting .com, eventually i put my name and this site came up and i thought that that was kool that i'm not the only Jed in this world so i had to put myself on the site to.
I like my name Jed even though a lot of my friends think its a weird and random name that almost sounds japanese but i got everyone calling me by my name so that's kool
well that's all I can say for now.
Jed Richardson