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Jed Roberts
My name is Jed Roberts.  I was born on the 21st February 2009 in Subiaco, Western Australia.
My Mum and Dad struggled to agree on a name as they wanted something strong and not too mainstream.  Mum liked Judd and Dad liked Jack, but finally agreed on Jed.
Mum always emphasises the d in my name because a lot of people think my name is Jett or Jeff.  There were mixed reactions to my name when I was born, a lot of people thought it was a bit odd, while others thought it was very cool.
Even though I am only 10 months old, I have a lot of nicknames; Jedi, Jeddles, Jedley, Jed-Jed and Jedstar!
I have already got a strong personality... I never sleep, I have a temper but overall I am super smiley and are always giggling.
Would love to know what other Jed's personalities are.

Glad to be a Jed!
Jed Roberts