jed rosenkrantz
Jed Rosenkratz

I must thank you so much for the great site.  It is a pleasure to get to read the stories of the Jed's around the country.  It has been about 10 years since I first found this site and sent in my information to become a part of   I have gone through a lot since I first posted on this site (guitarist in a rock band in New York, college student in Wisconsin, law student in Boston and soon to start work in Chicago).  It is nice to see that ten years later, this site is still going strong and that I can still read about all the Jeds of this country. 

My name actually just came from a baby book.  It was the only name in which my parents could agree on.  It is not short for anything and is fully just Jed.  It seems to fit me well and most people are a bit intrigued by it.  Millions of nicknames have sprawled from Jed: Jedster, Jedman, Jeddy, Jedums, Jediffer, Jethro, Jedly and so forth.  I have enjoyed them all and always welcome new ones.

Thanks again for creating and keep up the good work!

Jed Rosenkrantz