Jed Rovelo
hey there!! 

I was surfing the net when out of the blue I decided to try my own name and yeah, 
i found this site. Actually i was pretty much suprised because I didn't expect such site could exist.

My name's jed too and I'm from Canada. But unlike the many others, I'm a girl. Actually, my
real name is Marie Jed but peepz are fond of calling me Jed. I pretty much
hated my name coz I'm always mistaken for a guy..but after i read the meaning
of it (I think it was from a Filipino guy named Jed Morales. BTW, I'm filipino too!!), 
I began to like it!!! 

I don't really know where my folks got my name,
but now i'm pretty much grateful they named me Jed. I didn't realize that there's a 
lot of Jeds out there and i think its really cool.

tnx a bunch!!!
Jed Rovelo