Jed Scolnick

Hello Jed, 
So good to see others out there.  My name is actually Jed, not short for 
anything.  That is the line I use after I get the, "What is Jed short for?" 
question.  I am named after a great great relative and a shortening of his 
name ( so i am told).  I think the truth is that my parents were high.  I 
used to hate it when I was little and everyone was named Mike or John, but 
now I love the fact that it is so different.  What an easy way to establish 

When I was living in New Orleans 5 years ago, I worked at an sandwich shop. 
Anyway, one of my co-workers couldn't pronounce my name.  She must have 
thought that i was saying Chet, or at least that it this closest she could 
come up with.   So, unfortunately I had this displeasure of having been 
called Chet for awhile.  What a tragic step backwards in names. 

My first Jed encounter was a when I was around 10.  I was skiing in NH and 
met a blind boy around my age named Jed.  I think he was a John Edward, but 
i'm not sure.  He was incredible, he could ski!   Besides John Edward, I 
think Fred or the even more uncool Frederick gets the occasional jed 

Great site.  I'd love to hear from you about your Jedness. 

Jed Scolnick