Jed Seidl
Hello Jed,

This is Jed. I must say I was amazed to see how many of us there are. My folks, not being extremely creative named me after the TV character Jed Clampett. The story goes that when I was born they could not decide on a name. While at the hospital and flipping channels they came across the Beverly Hillbillies and thought Jed sounded like a nice but unusual name. Which they maintain still fits me as I am “nice and unusual.”  I have listened to every rendition of that theme song for most of my life. People who meet me for the first time, feel the need to sing the theme song to me and then ask if “I ever heard that before.”  I mean really. It’s not as bad as it used to be when the show was new and popular. Being a police officer, I took my first name off my nametag because drunks always want to sing it to you. Again and again and again.

Anyway, a little about me. I am a 40 year old police detective living in Wisconsin. I have been in law enforcement for almost 22 years now. I worked for the federal government for six years prior to joining a city PD.  I am married to a beautiful police officer that used to work with me and now works at another department. We have two wonderful boys ages 2 ½ and 9. 

The best thing about being a “Jed” is that it is still an automatic icebreaker to meeting new people. There are not a lot of us, but those of us lucky enough to be Jed’s know what a great name it really is.

Take care,

Jed Seidl