Jed Sepie


Hi my name is Jed Sepie and I live in Utopia, New Zealand.

I live in the South Island of New Zealand, just north of Westport.

I go to Buller High School and am currently studying in my final year. I'm 
Deputy head prefect.  My favourite food is fish and chips.

My least favourite music is Backstreet Boys and my favourite is NoFX.  
I was named Jed because my parents like the name after hearing it on Beverly Hill 
Billies.  I am often asked if Jed is short for a longer name but in my case 
it isn't, I'm a pure bred Jed.  People call me Jedi.  I've only ever met one 
other Jed in my life.  I've just turned 18.

I would like to talk to other Jed's and was delighted to stumble across your 
splendid web-page.  Being a Jed is cool and I am pleased to see that other 
people like being called Jed.

I'm interested in surfing the web and the waves.


Jed Sepie