Jed Sierra
Hi, my nickname is Jed,

I am the first-born, early in my childhood, a good friend of my mother insisted on giving me a nickname.  My mother would not have any of it, and was adamant that I would not be called by anything else, other than my name.

So, not giving up, my mothers friend started writing my full name on a chalk board, Joel Estevan David, then he wrote it:
J oel
E stevan
D avid,

and proceeded to inform my mother that from that day forth, I would be know as, Jed
**because it was my own initials, it technically qualified as my name :-)

Having been born in a Spanish speaking country, not to many could properly pronounce Jed, so I was called all kinds of names, Jeb, Jet, Jedd, Jedi, Jed-y, Jek, etc.....

But, I can say with confidence that I was the only "Jed" in the entire city where i was born.  Even over the years, I have only met 3-5 Jed's.

Like all other Jed's, I suffered the Beverly Hillbillies jokes, comments, etc....

As an adult, one of the "perks" of my initials, is that I have reserved introducing myself as Jed, only to close friends and family. Many new friends are surprised, and promptly ask me why my siblings, parents or good friends call me "Jed", and I enjoy telling my story !

Even my youngest daughters stopped and looked at me, asking, why does Grandma call you Jed?

Like others I have read here, I am the only Jed in my circle of influence, social circle and all the employments I have ever had.

I truly enjoy the uniqueness of my name/initials.

By the way, I was not the only one to be called by our initials, same friend of my mother gave one other sibling a nickname by using his initials.

Jed Sierra