Jed Simonenko

My name is actually Jedakiah Simonenko. My dad thought Jedakiah was an existing name, but nope, and now I am the only Jedakiah in the world. My second name is sort of made up too, my grandad was Ukrainian and had to hide from the soviets through fear of death, he hid in a tree for 3 days before changing his second name to the most common name in the soviet union at the time.. Simonenko.. and running away to England.

I feel sorry for people with names like Dan or Ed or Chris which are common names here in England because they often end up with friends with the same name or in a room with a few of them, a Daniel will never truly know if someone calls that name if they are calling him, or talking about him. Whereas I have never known another Jed, so I have never had that confusion.

So thats my story of being a Jed.

Jed Simonenko