Jed Singer

I remember a couple years ago, I looked at and saw that
somebody had just bought it, but hadn't put anything on it. I was disappointed.

Today, a friend of mine told me that I should take another look at it.I
did, and was of course happy and amused to see what you've done with it.

My name is Jedediah Miller Singer, I was named after  Jedediah Smith
State Park (not after Jedediah Smith). People call  me Jed, because it's
a lot shorter than Jedediah; sometimes people call me Jedediah, though, or any of a number of other names. Some of them aren't very nice, but most of them are okay. I've got a web page at that talks
more about me, and even more than that about some other things. Take a
look, if you've got some free time. Also, you should stick me in the list of Jeds.

Jed Singer                                      jsinger@POMONA.EDU