Jed Smith

My name is Jedediah Joseph Smith. I was born on
Martha's Vineyard- Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, to be
exact, in 1975. I was raised in Colrain, MA., in the
foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. My parents named
me Jedediah for no apparent reason, but my dad is
quite the mountain man type, so I wouldn't be
surprised if that was his motivation and he simply
forgot. Yes, I've heard the Jed Clampett, Jethro, Jedi
Knight, Jeb, Zed, Jed, jokes and mispronunciations a
million times, plus one more: Jedediarrhea. Yup, you
heard it right. Anyone else ever get that?

I'm a musician and sound engineer living in New York.
My girlfriend's last name is Gentile- so we both get a
lot of guff.
I'm a recording artist for a label in London and
California as well. The name of my one-man-band is My
Teenage Stride. You can google that if you like.

I've always felt a little odd about being a Jed. It
really seems to be a statement on the part of one's
parents, doesn't it?
Great site. Thanks for putting it together,

Jed Smith!