My name is Jed Smith...yup, another Jed Smith. But my full name is Jedidiah Logan Smith, born in november 1996. I got the name because it was the only name my parents could agree on. Jedediah Smith the mountain man (what my dad wanted) and Jedidiah meaning friend of god or beloved of god (which my mom wanted).
Im not spanish, just felt like sayin hola. i'm a regular white teenage guy going through life. Pretty good life, good friends. But one of the highlights of having this name is the pronunciation i get from teachers and other people, and i normaly get a laugh out of it. It's kinda cool to see all the people that have the same name as me (or close enough). 
I noticed that a few of yall said it would b cool to meet another Jed so email me sometime at Cobalt4me@gmail.com or facebook as Jed Smith. I think it says Millington TN or something about millington. cuz thats where i live. But just make sure u explain to me why you're talkin to me, cuz i dont talk to strangers (unless they're named Jed..haha)
Well, ask any of my friends n they'll say im pretty awesome, not to brag :)..but i enjoy baseball, football, Call of Duty ( and similar games), guns (real ones, not fake airsoft or painball or replica) workin on my truck (65 Chevy C10), and now i'm running out of stuff to say. But yea, that's a little about me, this Jedidiah is out, so contact me some time. and i'm being kinda proper right now, cuz i know that anybody can read this.
Jedidiah Logan Smith (The ONE and ONLY out of these Jeds!haha)