jed smith
Jed Smith
Hi, my name is Jed.

My real name is Jedson, a variation of Judson.  My mothers idea. I have never
met another Jedson.

I was born in 1955 so I was a kid when the Beverly Hillbillies came on the scene
and I (like you) haven't heard the end of it yet.  I don't mind being called Jed
Clampet but it does irk me when they call me Jethro.

I have met two other Jeds in my life.  The first one was when I was six years old, he was five and just entering kindergarten. I never saw him again. The second one is a more interesting story.  I have worked at the same place for over twenty years and was quite accustomed to being a unique individual until last year.  I live in a small town (less than 10000 people) and work for a small company (150 people).  The odds of meeting another Jed are pretty slim but the odds of working with one must be astronomical, and yet, another Jed was hired by the company I work for!  I was shocked and didn't believe it until I had a chance to talked to him.

My high school english teachers liked my name so much she named her son Jed.  There is something that I have found to be universal, women love the name Jed.  Women always comment on it when they meet me.  They really love the name Jedson, probably for the same reason,  it is extremely rare.

I will be dropping by your web page periodically to see what's happening.
Keep up the good work.

Jed Smith