Jed Smith
Well,  some time ago someone sent me the link to your site but never
did much with it other than look and see that there are a number of other
Jeds out there.  It was funny as up to that point I don't believe I have
ever run into one.
Like many of the stories that people have shared with the name, I too, had
all the questions and confusion when I introduced myself.  I hated it for
years.  Finally, I realized how good it was.  Business people will remember
you, even years later.  I have been looked up by people who have worked for
me as much as twenty years ago.  They knew when they saw my name it
must be me.  It was.

I remember asking my mother where my name came from and all she would
ever tell me is that it was the name she had selected for my older sister
had she been a boy.  That was all I ever was able to get out of her.

Someday, I will send along a picture.  In the meantime, to all those
Jeds out there.  We are a unique group.

Jed Smith