Jed Smith

Hello, My name's jEd SmIth,, True name being Adam Smith, 

My dad worked for Hesston farm tractors down in Pennsylvania for
awhile with the amish, (I'm not amish), my parents liked the names
jedediah and zachariah, my older brother was named zachary while I
was named adam , but called jed my whole life, 

I'm a college student, 22 years old, I am a college Ice hockey goalie
and I'm taking business administration. I've always found having two
names to be both fun and annoying, in different parts of the world
people call me adam, but anyobdy who knows me calls me Jed, I've
heard every hill billy joke there is, but appreciate it being the
hick that I am. ITS PRETTY SWEET TO SEE ALL THE JED"S have a page,
I'd like to meet another some day,  ....... 

jed smith