Hello Jed,

             My full name is Jed Nile Stafford, born in Minneapolis, MN 
             and I am 36 years old and currently living in the Twin Cities area.
             I must say, when I  typed in Jed.com I did not expect this Web site. 
             During my 36 years on this earth I have never met another person 
             with the given name of Jed. 

             I tell my friends and family that when I finally do, the first beer is on me. 
             The closest I have come was a new born I met in the St. Louis Airport a few
             years back where they called him Jed, short for his given name of Jedediah.

             So for me, the site was great knowing there are a few others out there
             sharing this fine name.  Like all of you, there have been a few times I
             would have been happy to have been named something else, but looking 
             back I would have it no other way.  Our name is unique, it makes us stand out 
             as individuals.  I look forward to meeting some of you one day.

             Thanks Jed for taking the time to build this site.


             Jed Stafford