jed strohm
Jed Strohm

Like Like many of the Jeds here, I'm a convolution of the Jewish name "Jedidiah". My dad decided to change the first 'i' to an 'e'. The reason - I don't think there was one, except to show his power over the scripture verse in I Samuel. Which is strange b/c my parents are very serious about their christian religion.
When I was a kid, other kids would tease me about it, using it's phonetic similarity to "Jed died, duh".
From this, "Jed" evolved, and now all my friends call me "Jed", though my parents still insist on the more awkward 26-syllable original. "Jed" I like - quick, solid. Left (Left is Right)
I'm fascinated with the game of Go, an Oriental strategy game in which the objective is to control the 19X19 grid. Whichever player controls more wins. As such, Go is much more intuitive than chess or checkers since the shape of the playing counters (called stones) is integral to the strength of a move. The player of Go also needs to consider the shape of territory (measured by intersecting lines) that his/her stones surround. If the shape is wrong, all the stones can be removed from play. These captures are the only times that Go stones are moved during the game. In Go, the board starts empty, and gradually fills up until both sides cannot claim any more territory or reduce their opponents' holdings. The rules are simple, and can be learned in the space of a few minutes, but the game has so many strategical and tactical variations that the best computer can only compete at the level of an average amateur human. The last frontier of computer science. :-) Check Go out at
I'm also an avid bicyclist, I'll be leaving on a 650 miler in 6.5 days on friday (July 20, 2007) Looking forward to that, although it is my first multi-day trip & my excitement is tinged with nervouseness.
as always; a proud "Jed".
Jed Strohm