Jed Taylor
Hello there,

My name is also Jed. But only Jed, (none of that Jedediah rubbish ).
I'm from England (the best country in the world) and in that country you
would find me in a small sappy  town called Stevenage.
Whilst surfing the magical wonders of the 'world wide web' I found your

Well I might say that I was taken back a bit, because I had no idea that
there were so many of us about!!!!
Well I think I should be added to your site (if you don't mind that is).
First off my second name is Taylor, which I have already noticed that there
is already a 'Jed Taylor'!

But I'm much better looking and not as sad as the other one (ha, ha, ha)!
I'm 18 years of age and living life to the max!
By day I'm a pen pusher in an office and by night I'm a party mad booze

I wish I could tell you the rest about me but most of it is so extreme I
don't believe you would be able to put it on your site! (Seriously I'm not

But I can tell you that I'm a singer for a rock 'n' roll band and we do a
lot of venues around our area. I think the band is going to take off and be
quite big as we are already lined up for a contract, so make sure you keep
hold of this email as it could be worth something one day! (Yet again, I'm
really not joking)!

Long live Jed and may all those bow to us who don't share the name!
Yours sincerly,      
Sir Jed Taylor (the real Jed Taylor).