Tennessee Jed Radio Show
When I was about ten years old (67 now) I used to listen to the
Tennessee Jed radio show. The program would start out with the sound of
a rifle shot and the pwang-whee of a ricochet, and then the voice of  his
sidekick which was sort of like the Tom Mix side kick, kind of an
old-geezery voice, would say, "Got 'im, Tennessee, daiyud cenner!!!"

Another thing I remember was that Tennessee was always having trouble
with this bad guy named Dalton. Oh, he was BAD!!! Dalton would make some
threat or promise of badness to come, and Tennessee would always say,
"Mebbe so, and mebbe no......Dalton!" 
And you just KNEW that whatever Dalton had promised would be rightfully thwarted 
by good old Tennessee and his accurate rifle shooting.

Memory of Tennessee Jed popped into my head when here at work someone
happened to say, "Maybe so, maybe not."  Then I said slowly with a deep
voice and a southeastern twang, "Mebbe so, and mebbe no, ....Dalton!" 
Yes, I got a few strange looks. Everyone working around me is younger. 
So I decided to do a google search on the web and I found your site.

I would love to hear some old clips of T-Jed myself, but this is all I
can offer to help you for now.

Jerry McMurry

And here's more from another fan of the show.

The announcer for the show was Cort Benson and the harmonica group that 
played the intro and bridges to the tip top commercials were The Harpers. 

Bear in mind that harmonica groups were very big in those days, The Harmonicats etc.

The Tip Top commercials on the show that I have, specify their Hand Kneeded Dough, 
which they claimed was infinitely better than the automated process. Cannot visualize workers 
massaging lumps of dough in a modern mass production type of assembly line.

What always puzzled me was the fact that Jed was always extolled as a squirrel rifle expert shot 
who could drill the eye out of a gnat at five hundred yards yet after the celebrated intro every day,"There he goes 
tennessee, (ricochet)  got him deayad center", the announcer would state it was time for  Tennessee with his 
great horse smokey and the two deadliest SIXGUNS in the west.

He was played by Johnny Thomas and Don Macclaughlin. 
Bill DeMaria