Jed Tracy
Dear Jed,

My name is Jed Tracy. I am just another Jed in the world. My
friends call me Jedder Budder because I guess it rhymes or something like
that I don't know because I don't speak english all that well. It is so
cool that you made this website. I like to fancy myself a country boy, as
I live on a "farmette". I live with my grandparents and my grandpa is my
hero. I would jump off a bridge for him if he asked me to. I drive a red
truck that I salvaged from a scrap pile. Although I am from and live in
Wisconsin, I speak with a southern accent. Basically, I'm a hick, or I
want to be anyways. Now I will leave you with a little pearl of wisdom:
"Sometimes, ya gotta put a little trust inner."

See y'all around.

Jedder Budder