Jed Tua - Samchay

I can't believe you've got a webpage dedicated to jeds , thats cool man , I respect you. 

My name's Jed and i come from Papatoetoe New Zealand . My full name Is Jed 'Bad Blood' Tua-Samchay, Bad blood is my Maori name giving to me by the elders. Despite the fact I live the serene lifestyle of a Maori Goat and Sheep hearder , I also like to enter in the savage Maori fights.  I'm getting pretty good. 

My brother Jimmy just became a boxer and you may see him soon. 

I hope to follow in his footsteps and i hope you can put me on your page. 

By the way i'm 21 I weigh 105 kg's my reach is 220 cm, my
height is 189 cm and I have many Maori Tatoo's
(Maori war cry)
Jed Tua-Samchay