Jed Walz

Dear Jed,

My name is Jed Walz.  My parents named me Jedidiah because it means "beloved of 
God."  It was the same name given to King Solomon by Nathan the 
prophet in the Bible.  I have only known one other Jed in my life.  He 
was the exact same age, and he went to my church.  He moved to Colorado 
several years ago.

I was born at St. Louis County Hospital (Clayton, Missouri) on August 13, 1985.
 I was born on the same date as my great-grandma Alice which my mom says would have
made her very happy if she were still alive I live in Eureka, Missouri.

Next year I will be a freshman at Eureka High School.  I play football and baseball.
I may try out for wrestling next year too.

I am always trying to find out about famous people with the name Jed.  There was a baseball 
player on the Kansas City Royals name Jed Hansen last year, but he is not on 
their roster now.  Have you heard of him?

My mom teaches Missouri History, and she says that their was a famous mountain man
from Missouri named Jedidiah Smith.

That's about it. Thanks!

Jed Walz