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Hello and welcome to,

My name is jed gillin. I am the founder and

I created this site as a cyber-home for the many jeds of the world.  If you are listed at, your friends will be sure to find you.  

I launched in April of 1999 with 2 jeds.  I am proud to say that now there are over 500 unique and individual jeds with their own web page at Whew, that's a lot of jeds in one place!

It may sound funny, but I have enjoyed sharing similar stories about our name with other jeds.  There is a certain, indefinable affinity between jeds when they meet. 

You know what I mean if you have met another jed in person. It may be that we have heard all the lame jokes about our name and we can commiserate with each other about that.

My name is a nickname that my parents gave me when I was born. I have gone by the name jed since I was born.

My given name is John Edward  and as I have explained almost every time I meet someone, Jed is derived by taking the "J" from John and "ed " from Edward.  It would be cool if you submit your information and let all of us jeds hear about how you got your name.

Please write to tell me and all the other jeds about your name and the kidding or praise you have received because of it.

Also share with us any stories about how it has benefited you to have such a unique name.

There is no charge to have a page at, but you can help me support this jed site when you buy stuff by clicking through the links at  

If you are a jed and would like to have your own page at, let me know.

It may take me a while to add a page for you, but
I will do it.

Glad to be a jed,

jed gillin, founder


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