Jed Wilbur

              Hello fellow Jed!

               I stumbled across your website this morning and figured I'd send in a
               submission as I too am named Jed:

               Right now I'm 19 years old and normally attend Lafayette College in 
               Easton, PA where I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and International  Studies.

               However, right now I'm in Brussels, Belgium, where I'm studying for 
               the semester.  Brussels is about as depressing of a city you're ever going 
               to find this side of Flint, Michigan. 

               I was born Easter Sunday (April 6), 1980 and went unnamed for the first
               couple days of my life.   I guess I was a sickly infant and no one was
               really sure if I was going to make it.  Anyway, my parents found the 
               name Jed in a book of baby names and the story goes my father said: "Jed, 
               now there's a name I can spell."  And so I was named Jed.

               Another bit of interesting trivia about my birthday: Both of my mom's parents died 
               when they were 62 years old, and the next time that April 6 falls on Easter
               Sunday is in 2042, my 62nd birthday.  If that's not a bad omen I don't 
               know what is....


               -Jed Chester Wilbur