Jed Wilkins

hello there i'm jed wilkins and i would like too tell you about my self today.
i was challanged by my mate to try and find a website with
my name in it and dudes i found 1 shibby!!!!!!

well any ways i live in the good old land of blighty and i'm 17 at the mo i
also noticed that you have another jed wilkins who lives in OZ.

i was amazed dude, wat the mo i'm studying carpentry and joinery.
i really enjoy working with my hands if you know what i mean laydeez.. joke.

i'm in to all kinds of teenage stuff like modifying cars and motorbikes, consoles,
all the like my favourite games are RPG's and i love metal gear solid 2 and
can't wait for number 3!

Sorry there isn't a photo of me i'm still working on that at the mo i'll try and
get 1 and send it to u but i love football or soccer for the american among
you, and my best team are Birmingham City F.C, who are in the premiership and
they are closely followed by Accrington Stanley F.C, who are Currently in the
conference league.

well thats me in a nutt shell i'm offf now i've still got
work to do so i'll hope to hear from any of you who want to email me.

my email addresss is toodle pip wotwot my
old beans absolutely spiffing isnt it wotwot tarty bye now...

jed wilkins