Jed Womack

Hey i am a Jed too! I saw this site and i thought it
would be good to add myself and become part of the
grand society of Jeds out there. Anyways, I am a 19
year old underclared freshman at the University of
Oregon in Eugene Oregon. My name is Jedidiah womack
or Jed, and yes Jedidah is a name from Bible and yes
it is a very uncommon name. I love people and I hate
people. I love school and I hate school. I love women
and I hate women. I love life and I hate life. I love
my Dogs and well I love my dogs. I get sick from all
sorts of stuff, especially when i am nervous. I hate
it when people lie to me or say things behind my back.
I try to be a good friend. I say things how I see
them and some people might not like me for it. I like
to make people laugh. I hide behind a laughing mask. I
am not a joke but sometimes i like to laugh. I am
immature and mature. If that makes any sense. I
believe in romance. And well i love to dance. I have a
girl who is my best friend. The only time that i have
ever been embarassed by my name was when i was in 5th
grade and my teacher was reading Anne of Green Gables
to the class and in it Anne stated that the only names
that she thought were ugly were jed and some other
name i forgot! everyone laughed at me and i hung my
head, i hung my head...tear.

jed womack