Jed Wortmann

Hi Jed, its not very often I can call someone else by this name as we
are very few and far beetween, did you know Jed is meant to mean hand
in some other language,but im not sure which one. 

I've never been told my name is stupid or been ridiculed for having this name,
but once a girl said Jeds a bed, which hurt me, because I was only five at the
time, her name was Tanny, which rhymes with F***Y, but I never said
that because she was much older than me.

The good thing about the name Jed is that it cannot be shortened to anything except for J really,
I'm so glad I found this website as I thought I was the only Jed living.

Good luck for the future all other Jeds au revoir!
Jed Wortmann,  the two hundred and first