Jed Morales

my name's Jed and I'm from California. I was going through some sites one day 
and thought about all the domains there were already out in the world today, so I 
decided to try out my own name. 

Yes, my name is simply Jed. I've been asked whether it's short for anything, but no, it's simply Jed.  I only knew one other Jed that I went to high school with, but other than that all I knew was the Jed Clampett of the Hillbillies. 

I was surprised like probably many who came by this site that there are more Jed's than I thought.  I'm glad that it isn't a very common name though, since I'd rather stay as unique as I am in name. 

I  don't know why my parents called me Jed since it isn't a very common name, especially for my culture--I'm Filipino by the way. There was one Jed who's profile I read on your site that said the meaning of the name Jed from bible context.  And I know my name means "Beloved of the Lord," and it also means "wisdom."  So for those Jed's that don't know what your name means, there it is. 

Thank you Mr. Gillin for allowing me to be a part of your site. 

God bless, 

Jed Morales 

a jed poem i wrote